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National Engineers Week: Aidin Lotfi Helps Bolster the Integrity and Resilience of Our Infrastructure

​Our engineers play a critical role in the day-to-day success of our operations and in fulfilling our commitment to safely and reliably serving customers throughout San Diego and southern Orange County. In honor of National Engineers Week – a week dedicated to highlighting the important role engineers play in our society – we’re shining the spotlight on our very own Aidin Lotfi, Principal Engineer on our Civil/Structural Engineering team.

Learn more about Aidin, his inspirations for becoming an engineer, and his commitment to safety, in the Q&A below.

Tell us about yourself! What’s your career background and what made you decide to pursue a career in engineering?

As a principal engineer being part of the Civil Structural Engineering (CSE) team at SDG&E for the past four years, my career journey reflects a diverse range of experiences across various industries, including Southern California Edison (SCE), Metro Link, Chevron Refinery, and LA Zoo. My uncle served as a role model, inspiring me with his example, while my inherent aptitude for mathematics and a drive to solve complex problems naturally steered me towards engineering. The satisfaction derived from seeing designs come to life and the tangible impact of our work further reinforced my passion for the field.

How does your team’s work contribute to SDG&E’s mission to build the cleanest, safest, and most reliable energy infrastructure company in America?

Our team’s expertise in Civil Structural Engineering (CSE) ensures the integrity and resilience of the infrastructure ​supporting SDG&E's operations.  This inEngineers Weekcludes designing and maintaining robust structures for substations, transmission lines, and distribution systems, as well as pioneering the structural design of Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems (HESS) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). By integrating these cutting-edge technologies into our infrastructure, we bolster SDG&E's commitment to sustainability and facilitate the transition to cleaner energy sources. Through meticulous engineering and design, we enhance grid stability and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Our dedication to excellence and innovation directly supports SDG&E's mission to lead the way in building a cleaner, safer, and more reliable energy infrastructure for communities across America.

Is there a project or initiative you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?

As a principal engineer at SDG&E, I'm proud of my contributions to employee safety, engagement, financial execution, clean energy sustainability, compliance, and operational excellence. Through involvement in the Employee Safety Strategy Team, I've prioritized safety culture by addressing topics like ergonomics and mental health. Additionally, I've fostered psychological safety in the workplace, motivated continuous learning, and optimized project budgets through engagement with the Project Portfolio Management team. Supporting clean energy projects and focusing on personal development have also been key priorities, reflecting my commitment to driving positive change and delivering exceptional results at SDG&E. Moreover, I take pride in my participation in reviewing most of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects and gaining familiarity with hydrogen industries, further enhancing my expertise and contributing to SDG&E's innovative initiatives.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I'm all about embracing the things that bring me happiness and keep me grounded. Gardening is a big passion of mine – I find so much peace in tending to my plants and watching them thrive. I'm also a big fan of getting active with sports like table tennis and soccer. There's something about the friendly competition and teamwork that really energizes me. Traveling is another love of mine. Exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures is such a thrill. To stay balanced, I make sure to prioritize my health and wellness with activities like running and cooking up nutritious meals. And of course, nothing beats spending quality time with loved ones. Whether it's a cozy night in or an adventure-filled day out, making memories with family and friends is what life's all about.

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